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Grey Knights vs Slaanesh - Batrep #4

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Today we've got Grey Knights fighting against the forces of Slaanesh in a skirmish sized battlle. We're testing a new battle system while we're at it, and we felt it went pretty well.

We're planning to make this a 'slow grow' campaign, so hope you enjoy the first mission in this tale!

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This mission, and any other with Slaanesh units, have bare breasted and exposed buttock female miniatures. Although I take them as part of the story of the game, if you are not into this kind of thing (nudity/partial nudity), you might prefer to browse our other batreps or otherwise not view this batrep. They will not be censored beyond this point.

With that out of the way, on with the boobs - I mean battle 😏

Prologue - The Fountain of Delights

Upon a feudal world near the Cicatrix Maledictum, also known as the Great Rift, a power in the warp stirred. The planet, known as Reavux VI to the Imperium, had drawn the eyes of 'She Who Thirsts'.

The world was a recruitment planet for a Space Marine Chapter that had disappeared after the fall of Cadia. What made this world special was the strict order of knights that denied themselves many pleasures, delicacies and other decadent behaviours in the name of honour - their strict discipline was legendary among the local populace. In fact, the Grey Knights were known to take potential recruits from the area time to time, unknown to the now absent Space Marine Chapter.

Upon this world, a beautiful but powerful witch on the outskirts of a town made a pact with Slaanesh - she offered her body as a vessel for a Greater Daemon. Hiding within the host's form, the Keeper of Secrets began her work on corrupting the noble planet and dedicating it as a paradise for Slaanesh.

The first goal was to build a grove in the forest, featuring a fountain that could tempt any to taste or bathe in its waters. If exposed flesh were even touch the water, it would invite untold sensual experiences that seduces the victim, turning them into a willing slave of Slaanesh. The bathing Daemonettes, appearing as the most desirable of lovers to the eyes of mortals, ensured that the corruption began to spread across the the populace.

After a disturbing vision from a Psyker of a 'powerful witch' and a 'Fountain of Delights', a small force of Grey Knights arrived on Reavux VI. Although a massive war raged across the entire Imperium, something about this world called for the special attention of the best daemon hunters in the cosmos. 

Discovering a small patrol of Noise Marines on the move, the Grey Knights tracked them in the hope that they would find the source of the corruption. Yet, on the edge of their perception... the faint but silky whispers of a young woman beckoned them to come forth...

The Game: Campaign Mission 1

We played a skirmish sized game of 450pts.

Rolling on the Casual Game chart, we got Secure Land. The sole objective was to control as many table quarters as possible - whoever had the most quarters at the end of the game would be the winner. We also got Random Game Length.

We experimented with a newly introduced deployment type. On a 4' x 4' area, it is like the diagram below. It actually felt pretty intense!

The Slaanesh force had taken Zones A, while the Grey Knights had Zones B.

The Armies

Grey Knights had taken 3 units. 2 x Grey Knight squads and a Dreadknight. The Slaanesh force had taken 4 units: Daemonettes, a Helbrute, Noise Marines and a unit of Chaos Marines.

Grey Knights

Slaanesh Patrol


The Grey Knights only stayed in one of their two deployment zones. The Slaanesh force divided itself between the two of theirs, placing a unit of Noise Marines in a position to utilize their sonic weaponry, while the Helbrute and Chaos Marines deployed elsewhere.

The Grey Knight's Dreadknight and the Slaanesh Daemonettes were kept in reserve, to deploy via teleport and 'summoning' respectively.

Turn 1

During this Turn, the Grey Knights split up to take the fight to the Slaaneshi Marine units. The Noise Marines and the Helbrute shot down 2 Grey Knights from one unit. The other Grey Knight squad managed to wipe out the close combat unit of Chaos Marines with a combination of Storm Bolter and Power Weapon attacks without receiving casualties from the Chaos Marines in return.

From Reserve, the Dreadknight and Daemonettes both arrived successfully.

Turn 2

During this Turn, the Grey Knights and Noise Marines that were fighting each other ended up both wiping out to each other's gunfire.

The Helbrute fired it's Multi Melta at the Dreadknight, but failed to inflict any damage - it then moved up to assault the Grey Knights. The Dreadknight was hot in pursuit.

The Daemonettes in response assaulted the Dreadknight, for lack of more choice targets.

Turns 3 + 4

The game turned into a close combat where another Grey Knight died, the Helbrute was defeated by the Dreadknight and the Daemonettes slowly fell away to the Dreadknight. The Slaanesh player suffered some serious bad luck with dice rolls with both the Noise Marines earlier and also during these combat turns that really led to their own massacre. The Slaanesh force was wiped out, making the Grey Knights the victors!

The Grey Knights were victorious!

Where could the Slaanesh witch be? She could be anywhere, but she was certainly not at the fountain this day. With the fountain now destroyed, the hunt will continue - though the Grey Knights may feel the deadly kiss of her blade soon enough...


The gaming mat was made by Deep-Cut Studio if you're looking for an easy and nice grass roll-up mat! They have a bunch of other cool mats too, like the two we used in our Talk Like a Pirate Day battle. Check out our website to find out more or see what we're up to:


The miniatures were all from Games Workshop.

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